Iridology: The science and practice of analyzing the structure of the iris of the eye.

The eye can reveal weakness in the body that might be a serious health condition.

Blood Type Testing: Identifies which foods are right for you and which foods are not, depending on your blood type.

Lightwave: In recent years, Blue light therapy has been evaluated and studied. It is a derivative of UV therapy used in the past for Psoriasis, to stimulate the immune system, destroy bacteria, Acne, actinic keratosis (AK), SADs (Seasonal Effect Disorder), treatments for gout, gouty arthritis, bursitis and other inflammatory conditions of muscles and joints. The current data has shown that Blue light therapy is an effective means for treating such conditions and has been further supported by many Dermatologist groups, such as the AAD, BAD and more.

L.I.F.E. Systems: These systems utilize principles of quantum physics and have numerous tests and therapies that include bio-resonance and quantum biofeedback.

I take an individualized approach to treatment because I am aware that every case, experience, and problem is unique to you, your family, and your situation. I believe that creating insight and personal awareness as to your thoughts, emotions, behavior and past experiences can help you make positive and lasting changes for your present and future. You may be unaware about how previous and early childhood experiences have an impact that carries well into adult interpersonal relationships. I utilize brief psychodynamic and other relevant interventions that will assist you in gaining the insights and self awareness you need for positive change.

I have experience working with adult survivors of child sexual abuse as well as families involved with Department of Family Services under the supervision of Lynnette Johnson. I have been in the mental health field since 2008 working with adolescents and adults & have successfully owned/operated a behavioral health agency for over 6 years.

I am bilingual and have insight as to the unique cultural factors and how these affect emotional and mental health. I strive to have an understanding of how culture impacts day to day life for your personally. Culture is more than race and ethnicity; it is age, gender, sexual orientation, religion and spirituality.



Sandra Gray,  M.S., CPC-I,

Executive Director

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Sandra Gray, MS., CPC-I