Investing in Real Estate can be one of your

most significant investments in your life.

The process of finding a good tenant can

prove to be very chaotic and overwhelming.

Especially if you are not a resident of

Las Vegas.

Here at RX Realty where our motto is

"Your Prescription to Real Estate Health and Wealth" we can provide you with a Licensed Property Manager who will:

        Assist you renting out your property.

  1. Screen applications.

  2. Advertise your property as a rental.

  3. Perform an analysis in your subdivision to determine a competitive monthly rent.

  4. Collect monthly rent.

  5. Schedule visits with the tenant to inspect your property.

  6. With your input, handle repairs necessary to keep up the appearance and condition of the property. Call us or email us for a free consultation regarding your rental property.

Property Management

Joanne McNulty


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